Upcoming events

    • 17 Aug 2024
    • 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
    • All-Day Virtual Training. Will be Recorded for On Demand Viewing. To Conclude at Approximately 6:30 pm

    CHIA Saturday Webinar Series!

     Saturday August 17, 2024, 9:00am-6:30pm (PDT)

    CHIA is delighted to bring to you five webinar sessions for an all-day special Saturday virtual training day. Sessions will be recorded and offered on demand*. See details below!

    Connecting the dots of Compliance- Breaking apart the complex picture of Compliance and your role as an Interpreter or Translator


    Presenter:  Jodi Bralow

    CEUs: Application in process for IMIA/NBCMI 0.100 and RID. CEUs approved for CCHI 1.00 CE Hour CEAP. 


    Compliance, while necessary, can often be confusing, and understanding the impact it has on your role as an interpreter or translator is crucial. Through this session you will receive tools to help you better connect the dots to the larger picture of Compliance, including: HIPAA, Section 1557, The Joint Commission, and other Federal regulations. You will also glean insight into Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, how to report compliance concerns, and supports in place to ensure your role as an interpreter or translator does not conflict with compliance regulations.


    • Review and understand the term Compliance and its impact on the role of an interpreter and translator.

    • Learn and understand specific regulations in various service industries including HIPAA Compliance, PCI, Joint Commission Regulations, and CMS requirements, and how to ensure compliance while in a session or completing a translation.

    • Use real-life examples to apply regulatory requirements in an interpretation or translation session. 


    As the Vice President of Contracting and Compliance at Language Services Associates, Inc (LSA), Jodi provides strategic guidance on compliance and contracting issues impacting the organization. She oversees LSA’s Contracting, Credentialing, and Compliance Department, including HIPPAA compliance, policies, training, and auditing. A respected leader, Jodi collaborates with stakeholders to build and train teams, ensuring a successful Compliance Program and understanding the operational impact of contracts and solicitation. Previously an Elementary Education teacher, Jodi entered the Compliance field in 2013 at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, managing the institutions-wide Conflict of Interest program.

    Skill Refresher: Note-taking and Symbol Usage in Consecutive Interpretation


    Presenter: William Giller

    CEUs: Application in process for IMIA/NBCMI 0.1500 and CCHI 1.5 CE Hour CEAP. Performance-based CEUs for CCHI are also in process.  


    Join us for an informative refresher on effective note-taking techniques in consecutive interpretation. We will discuss how to optimize our note-taking process to enhance accuracy, memory retention, and overall interpretation quality. This interactive session will explore various methods, tools, and best practices for taking clear, concise, and comprehensive notes during consecutive interpretation. Whether you're a seasoned interpreter or new to the field, this presentation will provide valuable insights to elevate your note-taking skills and improve your interpretation performance. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills and become a more proficient interpreter!


    • Review best practices for note-taking in the consecutive interpretation mode
    • Discuss creation and implementation of symbols
    • How to leverage note-taking to improve interpretation


    William Giller holds a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation (English, Spanish, French) from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He currently works as the Lead Interpreter for AVS translations at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. He also serves on the board of directors of the Northern California Translators Association, an ATA chapter, as the digital content director.

    Cultivating a Resilient Brain and a Resilient Mindset


    Presenter:  Shaobo (Chris) Jiang

    CEUs: Application in process for IMIA/NBCMI 0.1500, RID and CCHI 1.5 CE Hour CEAP. 


    With Resting, Uplifting, and Movement (RUM) practices, the aim of this presentation is to help medical interpreters, and everyone, become kinder, stronger and happier at work and in their personal lives. RUM first takes attendees on a backstage tour of the brain to understand how our brain handles stress, and the challenges our brain has in this process. We will share a set of concepts and practices that help cultivate a resilient brain and a resilient mindset.


    • Understanding stress from a neuroscience perspective
    • Practices that cultivate a resilient brain
    • Seeing the world through a resilient mindset


    Shaobo is a CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter, an ATA Certified Translator, and a Certified Resilience Trainer. He felt connected with self-compassion and resilience practices a few years ago, thanks to all the wellness seminars at his workplace. These practices have helped him a great deal during pandemic and in his everyday life. He is looking forward to sharing some wellness ideas and becoming kinder, stronger and happier with everyone.

    Interpreting for Spiritual Care


    Presenter: Yuliya Speroff

    CEUs: Application in process for CCHI 2 CE Hour CEAP, IMIA/NBCMI 0.200 and RID. Performance-based CEUs for CCHI are also in process. 


    Spiritual Care plays a unique yet essential role in caring for patients, whether the patient practices a particular religion or needs an additional layer of support in the face of a life-changing health event. Even the most experienced interpreters may feel uncertain when interpreting for spiritual care encounters - concerns can range from not being familiar with sacred texts to being able to do a good job when you don't share the patients' beliefs. This interactive workshop will introduce the participants to the work of spiritual care providers, outline specific challenges for interpreters, discuss strategies for overcoming them and provide an opportunity to develop interpreting skills.


    • Describe the work spiritual care providers perform and explain why spiritual care an integral part is of healthcare.
    • Discuss challenges interpreters may face when interpreting during spiritual care encounters and identify strategies for handling these challenges.
    • Perform skill developing exercises to prepare for interpreting in spiritual care encounters.


    Yuliya is a Russian-English CoreCHI-P™- and WA DSHS-certified medical and social services interpreter. In her current role of a supervisor with Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, Yuliya supports the work of a team of staff medical interpreters and manages translation projects. She is certified as both an English and a Russian language instructor with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Yuliya’s experience as an interpreter trainer includes teaching continuing education classes as well as basic medical interpreters training courses for a variety of major professional organizations across the USA.

    Worker's Compensation for Medical Interpreters


    Presenter: Carmen L. Gonzalez

    CEUs: Application in process for IMIA/NBCMI 0.1500, CCHI 1.5 CE Hour CEAP and RID. 


    This session introduces Medical Interpreters to the Worker's Compensation System of CaliforniaMedical Interpreters have to understand and learn technical vocabulary and concepts related to industrial injuries to interpret for injured workers who must be evaluated by AME/QME doctors that will rate their disabilities. Besides being knowledgeable in medical vocabulary, interpreters will need to know workplace safety basics, use of tools and machinery, health and ergonomics, pain and injury terms, types of work accidents, job descriptions, functional capacity programs, and specialized acronyms. We will review forms used in the WC System, and practice skill-building exercises for the sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes.


    • Understanding the Worker's Compensation System.

    • Learn the terminology required for the different assignments to cover in the Worker's Compensation System.

    • Review of the forms used in the Worker's Compensation System.


    Carmen L. Gonzalez, Spanish Certified Court Interpreter in California, Medical Certified Interpreter, and ATA Certified Translatorgraduated from the San Francisco State University Legal/Court Program. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Business Administrator Degree from the Central American University in Nicaragua, her native country. Carmen has worked as a freelance Spanish Interpreter and Translator in the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years, primarily as an interpreter in Worker’s Compensation. She has been an interpreter trainer for more than five years. She is a Licensed Trainer of The Community Interpreter ©, by Cross Cultural Communications.


    The program will commence at 9:00 am and conclude at approximately 6:30 pm. There will be a 30 minute break between each session. CHIA reserves the right to amend the program in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Please ensure you are aware of the time zone for the live streaming of the event:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


    Live attendance on August 17, 2024:

    • CHIA Members: $80 
    • Non-Members: $160                                   

    Important! *Attendees who register before August 17 will be able to use their zoom links to watch their recordings on demand until September 14, 2024. If not viewed by September 14, attendees may re-register and pay for individual sessions when they are released  at a later date for all-access on demand viewing via CHIA's Educational Hub. Registration costs will increase when the webinars becomes available on demand via CHIA's Educational Hub. 

    Become a CHIA Member for $50 It is not necessary to live or work in California to become a member.

    NOTE: Cancelling a paid registration prior to the event will generate a credit for future events, not a refund. Requests for refunds will incur a $10.00 service fee and only possible if received by 6pm Friday August 16, PDT. Cancellation of registration and refunds are not possible after the event. Cancelling your Zoom registration link alone does not cancel your event registration.

    Platform and Recordings:

    The platform will be Zoom and webinars will be recorded. They will be offered on demand on the provision that the quality of the recording is adequate. CHIA cannot guarantee the availability of on demand viewing. 


    CEUs are allocated for each session individually, rather than only as a singular day long program. CEUs for each session are only available by participating in the entire activity. Your viewing will be timestamped in order to issue certificates. 


    All sessions will be presented in English. The content of presentations will apply to both spoken and sign language. Presenters may draw on examples using multiple languages as relevant to their content.

    Training level: 

    The sessions listed are aimed at the working interpreter and applicable to all levels. While students are welcomed to attend all CHIA events, CHIA events are not specifically designed for interpreting students. 



    Email the Education Committee Chair: 


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    CHIA promotes an environment of mutual respect free of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, hearing status, or any other protected class.

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21 Jun 2016 Introduction to Interpreting Ethics and Roles in Healthcare
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