Previous CHIA Conferences 

2023, Making Waves, San Diego

2022, Give Your Skills a Booster, San Jose

2021, Connecting Coast to Coast, Virtual

2020, Hindsight in 2020: CHIA's Vision for Language Access, San Diego

2019, CHIA, Forging The Way To A Gold Standard In Health Equity, Sacramento

2018, Unbuilding Walls, Irvine

2017, Negotiating Change: People, Paradigms and Policies, San Jose

2016, New Horizons For Healthcare Interpreting, Long Beach

2015, CHIA's Conference Turns 15th: A Celebration of Language Access, Monterey

2014, The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Interpreting, Sacramento

2013, From Ad-Hoc to Patient Centered Communication, San Diego

2012, Continuing Education for Continuing Success, Berkeley

2011, Growing Our Own, Fresno

2010, From Face-to-Face to Cyberspace, a joint conference with the Health Care Interpreter Network,

           Costa Mesa

2009, Setting the Stage for Success, Palo Alto

2008, From Grassroots to Redwoods, Costa Mesa

2007, Competency or Complacency? Let's Stand up for Quality, San Jose

2006, Connecting the Pieces In Healthcare Language Services, Los Angeles

2005, California's Bridge Builders, Celebrating Healthcare Interpreters and Providers, San Francisco

2004, Better Understanding, Better Health, San Diego

2003, Voices for Access, Sacramento

2002, Toward a Common Approach: Interpreter Training Programs, Interpreter Services, and the Interpreting

           Profession, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut

2001, Healthcare Interpreting: The California Experience - The Emerging Healthcare

           Interpreter Profession, Valley Children's Hospital, Madera

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