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In addition to covering the cost of CEU applications, presenters receive a registration discount ... a $200 savings from the regular 2-day rate! Please use the discount code sent via email: CHIA 24th Annual Conference "A Brave New World"


The final conference program will list the CEUs awarded to each session. The conference mobile app, available prior to the conference, will have session descriptions and presenter bios.

CHIA applies for CEUs for each session. However, the accrediting bodies (ATA, CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI, RID) determine whether or not to award credits. If your session does not get approved for CEUs, please contact the specific accrediting body to inquire about the reason.


  • How many people will attend my presentation? Rooms will be set up for 80-100 attendees per session. 4 sessions will run concurrently for each time slot. CHIA does not require attendees to sign up for sessions prior to the conference.
  • Can I receive a contact list for the people who attended my presentation? No, CHIA does not distribute attendee information. You may request this at your session, however, for those attendees who are willing to provide it.
  • Will CHIA make copies of my handouts? No, this is your responsibility. Note that presenters can upload documents to the conference app.
  • Do I need to give CHIA a copy of my presentation? No, this is your intellectual property and we do not require that you submit it to us.
  • Do I have to use a CHIA branded template for my presentation? No, you may use any template or presentation format that suits you.
  • May I include my/my organization's logo on the presentation? Yes, however please refrain from any specific content or images that promote sales of products or services.
  • Can I change the title of my presentation? No. We have already submitted presentations for CEUs, and the title of your presentation must match the CEUs that are awarded.
  • Can my co-presenter join by video (e.g., Zoom)? No. Streaming quality is not optimal in the hotel environment, and therefore does not provide a good experience for attendees.
  • Can CHIA lend me a laptop for my presentation? No, we do not have laptops available.
  • Will I have a microphone? Yes, presenters will have a podium and corded mic. If you require a cordless or lavaliere mic, we will put you in touch with AVMS at the hotel to inquire about the cost, which will be your responsibility.
  • Will I have a projector? Yes, all presenters will have a projector and screen.
  • Can CHIA lend me a remote control for the projector? No, this is your responsibility. Otherwise, you may use any mouse to control your presentation.
  • I am unable to attend the conference, who do I notify? Please contact Jose Garcia as soon as possible:


  • Regarding your presentation prior to the conference, contact Jose:
  • Regarding your presentation during the conference, please find Margaret
  • General conference information, contact Michelle:
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