Certificates of Attendance

CHIA is constantly updating and improving practices to better serve attendees of CHIA trainings!

We are pleased to announce the adoption of a new service: SimpleCert, a cloud-based Certificate Management System.

As of October 2019, when you attend to any of CHIA's webinars or regional trainings, you will receive an email with instructions to download your certificate of attendance. You may choose to keep all your CHIA certificates in your very own free account by creating a Recipient Portal. You will be able to keep your certificates in your portal for up to two years, after that the certificates will be deleted; no exceptions, no replacements.

The email notification will come from: California Healthcare Interpreting Association <education@chiaonline.org>. Please add this email address to your safe contacts list to ensure you receive the email after attending a training.

Once you have created your Recipient Portal, instead of having to clink on the link in the email, you may go directly to your portal through this link: https://chia.simplecert.net/portal/login You will need to know the email address you used to register for the training, and the password used when you created your portal account. 

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